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We have three certified flight instructors on staff, who will use our two-seat gliders to train anyone interested in obtaining original private pilot/glider certification, glider ground launch endorsements, or a commercial glider rating. We also instruct powered pilots who desire a glider ‚Äúadd on.‚Äù Our two single-seat sailplanes will be available for rent by certificated […]

Superior has a long history as a mining town. The Resolution Copper Project, owned by Rio Tinto and BHP, began exploration in 2001 as the company pursued a reopening of the Magma Coper Mine, which closed here in 1992 after 80 years of operation. In 2004, the project discovered ore deposits nearly 7,000 feet below […]

Superior Soaring is a commercial glider company, operating at Superior Municipal Airport (E81) in Superior, Arizona, nestled in the beautiful Superstition Mountains. We own four gliders and a winch, the latter of which launches gliders from the ground with a high-speed cable.

The community is growing in popularity as a destination for adventure seekers, so it has attracted an increasing number of community resources. There are both upscale and economy lodging opportunities in the immediate area, as well as rustic camping sites. There is a nice selection of restaurants, some small grocery shopping places and a “dollar […]

Absolutely! We invite pilots to come experience our Superior Soaring conditions and the magnificent views of the Superstition Mountains. Before flying on your own, however, we require that you fly with us to become familiar with the surroundings. Our mountain gliderport presents unique challenges, even for experienced pilots. Armed with local knowledge, you’ll be better […]

Gliders depend on rising currents of air called “lift” to remain airborne. This lift occurs from heated air rising from the surface of the earth, or air deflected upward from contact with an obstruction, like a mountain ridge.

A glider (sailplane) is an aircraft built to maximize its ability to stay aloft without any means of onboard power. The lightweight crafts are designed to carry one or two people and must be launched into the air by either a ground-based device or towed to altitude by a powered aircraft. They are divided into […]

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