Glider Flight Training with Fixed Pricing!

You decide how long you’ll take to get your initial Private Pilot/Glider Certificate. But, whether you do it in two weeks or six months, we won’t charge you any more than $4,995 to get you “check-ride ready” at our gliderport in Superior, Arizona. Price includes time in glider with instructor and unlimited access to glider simulators (we have three).

Here is the fine print:

$4995 includes:

·      Ground school for FAA written exam & checkride

·      Dual flight instruction for solo & checkride

·      Solo flights to meet aeronautical experience for checkride

·      Unlimited use of glider simulators

Does not include:

·      Test fee for FAA written exam

·      Checkride fee (paid directly to examiner)

·      Solo flights beyond the requirements to meet aeronautical experience of checkride

Enrollment is limited. Reservations and prepayment of one-half of tuition is required to enroll. Second installment due when instructor signs your logbook for checkride. Refunds are not available. Student required to purchase and present proof of non-owned aircraft insurance. Superior Soaring reserves the right to refuse at any time for any reason.

Real SGS 2-33 fuselage mounted in our 200 degree dome for simulated glider flight instruction (shown without instrument cluster).

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